Cut Your Own Christmas Tree Central NH 

Over 75,000 trees on 435 acres

Glove Hollow Christmas Tree Farm a cut your own, pre-cut and wholesale Christmas Tree Farm located in Plymouth, NH. It is owned and operated by the Ahern family who have been farming the property since 1897.

COVID PRECAUTIONS in accordance with State and Town mandates-None in place at this time.

MASKS ARE RECOMMENDED —  when social distancing is not available.


We open the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday)

and close December 24th (Christmas Eve) at noon.

PRE-SEASON — Nov 20 & 21

Saturday & Sunday...... 10:00 - 4:00


Monday.................1:00 - 5:00

Tuesday.................1:00 - 5:00

Wednesday............1:00 - 5:00

Thursday..... .........1:00 - 5:00

Friday....................1:00 - 6:00   *** Black Friday (11/26).....10:00 - 6:00 ***

Saturday................8:00 - 6:00

Sunday..................8:00 - 6:00

Christmas Eve......8:00 - Noon


Before and after regular hours (above) you may leave cash or checks in a secure lockbox at the retail shop. Owner lives on-site and can be available to come out and assist, if he is near by. Call or text his cell phone: 603-520-9096.

Cut Your Own Christmas Tree Central NH
Cut Your Own Christmas Tree Central NH


Cut Your Own

All our choose-and-cut trees are one price in the fields.

Our tallest and best trees go first, so we reduce the

price over the season

(If you've noticed the cut-your-own price edging up it's because

our cut-your-own trees are much taller and fuller, requiring the

upward adjustment to more reflect what the tree would be sold for if it was already pre-cut.)


     PRE-SEASON — (10:00 - 4:00 • Limited Pre-Cut Available • Limited Hayrides)

          Nov 20 & 21....................$68  First Pick!


         Nov 26 – Dec 5.............. $59


         Dec 6 – Dec 19.............. $57


         Dec 20 – Dec 24.............. $52


Pre-cut trees are priced by height and shape starting at $15 sometimes even less.

Inventory changes on a daily—sometimes hourly — basis. We try to keep a good assortment up by the road, if you don't see what you like ask us and we will try our best to cut more of what your looking for.  

Please keep in mind, grooming the PERFECT Christmas

tree is very labor ($) intensive.

Cut Your Own Christmas Tree Central NH


Run until dark...every Sat/Sun AND Black Fri.

(Weekends that fall within 1, 2, 3 or 4 days of Christmas will not have tractor hayrides. Limited hayrides the weekend before Christmas-call first) 

Cut Your Own Christmas Tree Central NH
Cut Your Own Christmas Tree Central NH
Cut Your Own Christmas Tree Central NH

Glove Hollow provides:

  • CREDIT CARD FEE — $1 fee will be applied to credit card sales to offset the processing charges

  • HAND SAWS — We provide saws, but you are welcome to bring your own HAND saw.

  • NO Chain Saws —  In the past we allowed folks to bring a chain saw to our farm. After giving it more thought, we now prohibit them. While we like making things easier for our customers, we also want to ensure a safe and pleasant environment. Thank you for understanding.

  • TWINE — We offer complimentary baling twine to tie your tree to the car

  • SLEDS — Free use to tow tots and/or trees

  • NETTING — Additional $3 pay at check out

  • DRILLING — We can drill trunks for use with pin stands

  • TAGGING of trees is NOT allowed*  

  • NO RESERVES — All trees in field may be cut, nothing is reserved. Colored ribbons on trees are used for our inventory only, the trees may still be cut.

  • OTHER ITEMS FOR SALE — We also sell wreaths, boughs, and pin tree stands.

  • NIGHT CUTTING —  Please bring along a flashlight for your safety and so we may see where you are in the field.

  • DOGS are welcome, but should be on a leash and under your control at all times.

  • NO DRIVING BEYOND TRACKS —Customer vehicles may drive down in field into designated parking areas, but are NOT allowed to cross the railroad tracks.


Cut Your Own Christmas Tree Central NH
Great Atmosphere and Fun for the Whole Family
  • Meet Lotus and our other goats

  • Venture down the 60 ft. Tube Slide

  • Visit the Tree House / Observation Deck where you can watch from above as the Horse-drawn Hayrides round the bend, cross the tracks and come up over the hill. 

  • Visit our Stage Coach Station down in the fields, where the hayrides pick up and drop off.
  • Travel through the "Secret" Tunnel from the Stage Coach Station to our new Viewing Tower and enjoy a 360° view of the farm.

  • Warm up by the fire with Hot Cocoa in our Shop located in the upper lot.

Cut Your Own Christmas Tree Central NH