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Do you accept credit cards?...Yes

Do you provide saws?...Yes but if you have a favorite sharp saw bring it along

Can we bring our dog?...Yes but keep it on a leash and under your control at all times

Do you provide rope to tie the tree to the car?...Yes twine

Can we tag a tree and cut it another day?...No tagging(see our expanded FAQ answers)

Can we drive across the tracks?...No (see our expanded FAQ answers)

What can we cut?...Anything down in the fields. Nothing is reserved.

What do the different color ribbons mean?...Its our inventory sizes, cut anything tagged or not tagged

Did the prices go up?...Three part ans. First our prices have always gone up a small amt each year. 2nd our trees have gotten much bigger in recent years adding much value to them. 3rd our farm is HEAVILY DEPENDENT on labor

What are the prices for pre-cut trees. We have pre-cut “kids trees” starting at $8 and taller trees that sell for more.

What are the prices for cut your own? Depending on the day, earlier in the season they are more because folks love the “early selection”- later in the season they are priced less but its a big farm and we still will have a better selection than most farms start out with.

Can we drive over the tracks?


NO! The Pemi River boarders our fields in the back and our land drops off suddenly about 20’ to the cold river. One control point at the tracks is easier than several stop points on the other side. We also find we have less damage from the vehicles driving over trees when we keep them this side of the tracks.

Reasons we don’t allow tagging any more.


#1 Lost customers who go elsewhere because their tree is missing.

#2 Lost customers who come to the farm and leave because the best trees are already taken. Especially at the end of the season there is a big difference between tagged trees selected early in the season and the ones no one has cut yet.

#3 the time it takes to explain to a customer how to tag during a busy retail day knowing they may be back in a day or two to cut it.

#4 Looking up information on Dec 23rd for the phone numbers of the families who tagged a tree but have not returned to cut it. Turns out they never left a check as is the policy for tagging. This big showcase tree is cut on Dec 24th for a bargan price.

#5 One tree still standing was paid for so it was left in the field for the family to cut Christmas eve. Come spring it is cut down to replant the area. That summer the couple asks for a refund on the tree they never came back for.

#6 You finally get smart and end tagging so you can get the word out to your tagging customers that you are ending tagging, next thing you hear is that you are getting out of the Christmas Tree business. Word spreads that you are not opening up this season.

#7 We grade our trees by height and quality for wholesale with different color ribbons. Families who tag will often use our grading ribbons to mark the few trees they are trying to decide between. When we start to cut for wholesale we start noticing trees with 2 sometimes 3 color ribbons on it and some trees with none. The whole harvest stops, 3 to 4 men sit around as I franticly try to put the ribbons on the right trees.

#8 Sensing that people were tagging without paying and cutting without paying you try to keep the tagging to one area. Big mistake. Customers still tag where they want to. When you remove their tagging and streamers and family dog picture and Patriots banner and santa hat mail it back to them at my cost, We are left wondering if they will come back. If you don’t remove this tagging quick enough, others start tagging in the same wrong area.

#9 Seeing a small child crying as they look down at the decorations next to the stump of the tree that was to be the center of their Christmas.

#10 Night time or dusk customers have a hard time noticing tagged trees and feel terrible when you point out that they have cut someone else’s tree. They may or may not go back down and cut another. I have to take time away from my day to call and explain to a tagging customer how their tree was cut by mistake.

#11 picking up tinsel for 1 hour off the ground (off a tagged tree) before it goes into a neighboring field.

#12 Each season we tried to find a way to tell a few thousand people not to cut 55-65 trees that are specially tagged. More and more time was spent directing folks around the tagged trees, which takes away from educational opportunities or just spending the time catching up on the past year.

#13 It is just bad business to limit what people can pick. It hurts feelings of children and adults.

#14. People will stop going to your farm the longer you continue to allow tagging and seek out farms that don't allow tagging. We are now picking up families because we started to promote no tagging at our farm.

Glove Hollow encourages their customers to drive down to the fields.
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