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The "Lost Keys" Interview

Omer Ahern Sr. (2:35)

Recent Visit to the

Sullivan County Home



"The Lost Keys."

My dad & mom oversaw a county jail/county home in Unity NH for 28.5 years. My kids and I were listening to his "lost tapes" that were recorded 12 years ago that were found two years after his death in 2008. My dad recounted about an escape that had happened. 5 men overpowered the guard and took off with the jail cell keys. My dad brought the men back to their cells, by gun point, after he found them in the woods near the jail. The keys were never found. We are going to look for the keys today. My kids just barely remember their grandfather. My 6 siblings and I grew up at the Sullivan County Home and my parents were one of the last husband and wife teams to run such an institution.


"Do you have a metal detector? If not mom has one you guys can use."

—Normenta Jacquith


"I have great memories from there."    —Patti Wolff


"That's the kind of story that belongs in a book! Good luck on your hunt for the keys!"

—Annie Nesteruk Learned


"The home we lived in burned some years ago but hoping the tunnels are still intact."

—Mike Ahern


"Stay safe... Seems a little dangerous if you venture into tunnels.  Good luck in your search!"

—Normenta Jacquith


"Remember your visits Patti Wolff and yes Annie Nesteruk Learned a good story my kids can tell."

—Mike Ahern


"Mike: I wouldn't go into the tunnels since they may no longer be safe. Maybe just show the kids but don't venture in. Take some photos so I can see what the place looks like now."

—Karen Marie Arel


"What agreat story and a great adventure! What a good son and father you are. I have wonderful memories of your lovely parents."

—Sarah Bunkley


"Good advice Karen and thanks Sarah."    —Mike Ahern


"Good story! Good luck!"    —Tracy Keaton Drew


"Start writing the story!"    —Garlyn Manganiello


"Have a wonderful time searching and re-living your youth with your kids -- what a nice way to spend the afternoon at such a cool place. Dad, you are so cool!"

—Christian Daniels Panasuk


"Thanks Chris. We r having pizza in my brother-in-laws old upholstery shop. Love the changes Claremont has made to keep the old factory blds alive."

—Mike Ahern


"Garlyn there are so many stories that my kids get to listen to from there grandparents voices."

—Mike Ahern


"Bad weather in the area. Leaving now. No keys found."

—Mike Ahern

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